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1 rabbit - £3.20 per day
2 rabbits sharing - £4.80 per day

1 guinea pig - £2.80 per day
2 guinea pigs sharing – £4.20 per day
3 guinea pigs sharing - £5.60 per day

Chinchillas, ferrets, rats - £2.00 per day
Hamsters, gerbils, mice - £1.50 per day
Birds and tortoises prices vary depending on size and space required.

All prices inclusive of foods specific to species. I carry full ranges of the two most popular brands of pet foods - Supreme and Burgess. (If your pet has special dietary requirements, please let me know prior to arrival, or alternatively arrange to bring enough food for the duration of their stay).
Please state diet on arrival.

Rabbits and guinea pigs will be supplied with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables daily. If specific treats are required, please feel free to bring them for your pet and I will be happy to give them according to your instructions.Payments will be required on the day of arrival. Arrival and departure days are included as full days. Drop off and collection times to suit you. Telephone/text in advance please.


I am a member of the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund
Additional Services
Nail clipping £4.00
Teeth clipping £5.50
Shampoo and set! £10
Veterinary Treatments
If your pet shows sings of illness whilst in my care, I will contact your own vets for advice, and if necessary, I will take them for treatment. If you don’t have a regular vet, I will contact my local vet, (payment would be required for any veterinary attention your pet may require).
Additionally if your pets receive regular medication or specific treatments I am qualified to administer this and provide care for them accordingly.
If pets boarded together require separating for health requirements additional payments will be necessary
for the second hutch accommodation.
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