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Terms and Conditions
All animals boarding must be in good health on arrival, any known medical conditions current or reoccurring should be discussed prior to arrival. All rabbits must be vaccinated against myxomatosis and viral hemorrhagic disease. You must bring a valid certificate signed by your vet otherwise your rabbit will not be permitted to board. All boarders will be checked twice a day in relation to Fly Strike (maggots) Rabbits are especially prone to this and we at All Creatures Small recommend a preventative treatment called Rear Guard, which you obtain only from your vets, and apply at regular intervals during high risk conditions. If your pet shows signs of illness during their stay, I will notify you, and if veterinary treatment is required I will transport them to your pets vet if known, or my own local vet. I would not charge for taking your pet, but you will be responsible for any veterinary fees incurred. Small animals become unwell quite quickly, and in the unlikely event that any pet dies during their stay, I will contact you immediately, and follow your wishes. I accept no liability if your pet becomes ill or dies whilst staying at all creatures small; all pets are left at owners risk.
I accept no liability for any pet pregnancies no pets will be mixed, outside of boarded groups.

All payments must be made in full on the day of arrival. Rates are inclusive of arrival and departure days regardless of the time of dropping off/collection. Payments can be made in cash or by cheque. Deposits are not required when booking, however this does mean that a hutch/space has been reserved for your pet(s) so please inform me as soon as possible if you need to cancel a booking.

Abandoned Pets
If your pet has not been collected on the date stated by you, and I am unable to contact you,
I will, after 10 days seek to re home your pet.

Arrivals + Departures
Arrival and departure times are flexible to suit you. If a time has not been agreed, or you need to change your
time please telephone or text first to make sure that I am available.



I am a member of the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund
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